Trinh, Vietnam

International Business, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

Student StoriesHi, my name is Trinh Tran. I am from Sai Gon (Vietnam). Currently, I’m enjoying my second year of International Business studies at Xamk in Kouvola.

I would like to thank my high school physics teacher, who once told us about her son’s studies in Finland for encouraging me to apply to study in Finland. She told me about the country’s excellent education system, which made me think, Finland, why not? It´s a well-known fact that Finland has a high-quality education system, but there are several other reasons why I chose to come here. My home country has a tropical climate, which is opposite to Finland in terms of weather. So I thought how awesome it would be to celebrate Christmas in Santa-land? All my friends were heading to study abroad, so why wouldn’t I go and explore a new culture, meet new people and learn a new language? I knew it would be challenging, but I did believe, nothing is impossible.

I have to admit, that when I started my studies my English wasn’t perfect, but it has improved a lot ever since. You learn so much from the lecturers, lecture materials and from fellow international students! I think the most essential thing is motivation. Our lecturers encourage us to mix and mingle and work in groups of mixed nationalities. Through teamwork, I have learnt more about Finnish and other cultures and how to adapt to them.

Xamk has most definitely made my first year in Finland unforgettable. I have met lots of inspiring people, discovered my true strengths and weaknesses, and got loads of help in pursuing my dreams and what I feel passionate about. One of the best things at Xamk is enthusiasm. Enthusiasm of lecturers, students and staff, even those who did not know me previously are always eager to help, which I appreciate a lot. The whole experience here has exceeded my expectations and has taught me that I can overcome every obstacle. 

But the absolute best things in Finland are the people and summer! Finns are much kinder than I had ever expected. Every time I return to Finland after a trip or excursion I experience this warm, safe and cozy feelings and I feel happy to be back. And I am so in love with summer in Finland!

Daria, Russia

International Business, Lahti University of Applied Sciences

Student Stories

"I chose Finland as my study destination because I know statistically Finland has one of the best standard of education in Europe. Coming to Finland has given me a different perspective to life and studies because of the multicultural environment and each new day presents me the opportunity to discover something new both academically and socially.

What is great about Lahti University of Applied Sciences and studying in Finland is that it gives you the opportunity to choose your study plan with respect to your abilities. Studying at LAMK also provided a good platform for me because here I found all the facilities that helped me to develop and I never lacked anything that could have helped me study better or felt there was anything more that could have aided my development that the school doesn’t provide.

During my first year study I decided to take part in a Cambridge University Project organized by Laurea University in conjunction with Lahti University of Applied Sciences. I was excited at the opportunity to take part in this project because it challenged me to be the best I can be as the level of competition was of a high standard. In addition to the Cambridge project, I also attended the Slush event in Helsinki which was focussed on small businesses and networking in business.

The courses I found most useful during my first year as a LAMK student were Cross Cultural Competence, Business Language and Communication, because they helped me understand my study environment better as well as relate with students from a background different from mine. In addition, I was also able to apply the knowledge gained from the business language class during the Slush event, Cambridge project, and as a member of the Entrepreneur Society.

My plan for the immediate future is to accelerate my studies to be able to finish graduate ahead of schedule because I am a fast mover and a quick learner. Graduating earlier isn’t because I don’t enjoy the course, but because it would give me the opportunity to improve myself even further in working life. I am in the process of going for my exchange studies and internship abroad. I haven’t decided what exactly I intend to do after my graduation, but the International Business Programme has helped me so much and at the moment I am working along with my brother to develop a social network via mobile application and I hope soon it would be available for download in app-store."

Tang Tian, China

Tourism, Lapland University of Applied Sciences

Tang Tian_FINNIPS student stories

 "Three years ago, I convinced my parents to allow me the opportunity to study abroad in the official hometown of Santa Claus! With a strong desire to learn about different cultures in a famous tourism city, my plan was to enrol at the Tourism degree programme offered by Lapland University of Applied Sciences. The years in a multinational environment made me grow and improve rapidly. More importantly, the Finnish model of education taught me to construct and share my own ideas through project and training opportunities.

One example of this occurred during my advanced training period as a receptionist with a destination management company, which always exceeded their legal obligations to manage their environmental impact. I was greatly impressed with their practices to reduce energy consumption, provide job opportunities to local people, offer high quality products to customers, increase job satisfaction amongst their employees and sponsor local associations. Yet, there was a problem within this small business. Their operations were fragmented and did not integrate into the company’s culture and policies.

At that time, I began preparations for my bachelor’s thesis and I was wondering if this could become my thesis topic. Fortunately, after discussions with the managers, I chose integration of corporate social responsibility (CSR) into small-sized tourism company strategies for my thesis topic, and they agreed that they could provide me an environment to conduct my thesis project research. Therefore, I finally got a chance to independently finish a project with a real company under supervision of my two thesis supervisors. Later on, I had my thesis presentation, which was successful and unforgettable. After the presentation, my supervisor said I had improved a lot during these three and a half years and she still remembers that in the first year, I was a student who was always afraid of expressing my own ideas.

In one week, I will leave Rovaniemi and go back to China. After half-a-year gap, I will continue towards my Master’s degree next September in another country. However, I will never forget Lapland University of Applied Sciences, the MTI campus, all teachers and my classmates. The decision of getting the Tourism degree at Lapin UAS is one of the best choices I have ever made."

Adeoje, Nigeria

International Business, Lahti University of Applied Sciences

Student Stories

"My favourite thing about studying at LAMK is that it gives you an opportunity to write your own story and be the architect of your own destiny.At LAMK, I discovered my love for Cross Cultural Competence, World Cultures, Academic Writing, International Marketing, and Entrepreneurship classes. These courses have shaped me as a student and have helped me discover my innate abilities.

 I had my exchange period in Poland, and it was an amazing experience that has helped me to find out more about myself. I made friends for life, had series adventures, learnt a lot about a different culture, experienced a different style of teaching, and most importantly I found the career path I would like to follow during my exchange studies.

My practical training also took place in Poland, I had the opportunity to work as an intern journalist in a media company despite being a business student. I was also responsible for networking on behalf of the company at events, and last but not least my practical training gave me a first-hand insight into what real working life looks like.

Through the school, I got an opportunity to work on a marketing plan for a Finnish engineering start-up company, and this project would later form the basis of my thesis. Thesis process was very smooth as I had all the help I needed from my supervisor. There was adequate amount of help and information dissemination before, during, and after writing my thesis which made it possible for me to be successful.

 I work at the moment as a journalist for a Finnish company, and I am also responsible for marketing and business strategy in the same company. I intend to continue on this path after my graduation and will do so for the foreseeable future. I will also want to start my own business venture someday in no distant future."

 Alejandro, Spain

International Business, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences

“I like the fact that teachers actually care about students. Not only about their professional development, but also about their well-being within the school and the country. I also appreciate the learning by doing culture in UAS where the theory is always applied into practice: you understand where you will use the knowledge you have gained.” 

"Me encanta el hecho de que los profesores muestren interés real por los alumnos. No sólo por su desarrollo profesional y académico, si no también por su bienestar y comodidad tanto en la universidad como en Finlandia.  También me gusta la cultura de aprendizaje tan práctica que la Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas defiende, donde siempre ponemos en conocimiento la teoría que estudiamos, de forma que siempre vemos la aplicación directa que tiene lo que aprendemos día a día en la vida real.”

Carolina, Brazil

Restaurant Entrepreneurship, Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Student Stories FINNIPS“In the beginning of January of 2013 I submitted my application online. Among things required for the application process was the translated certificate of my earlier education and proof of my English Language proficiency, which in my case was done by taking the TOEFL test. After I applied and sent the needed documents, I received the entrance examination invitation and travelled to Finland in order to participate in the entrance examinations. I have learned that nowadays you can also take the entrance exam in Brazil due to the FINNIPS network´s cooperation!"                                                                                          

"No começo de Janeiro de 2013 eu mandei minha inscrição online. Entre requerimentos necessários para o processo de inscrição estavam inclusos o certificado do Ensino Médio traduzido, e comprovação de proficiência em inglês, que no meu caso foi feita a partir do teste do TOEFL. Depois de me inscrever e enviar os documentos necessários, eu recebi o convite para o processo seletivo e viajei à Finlândia a fim de participar do processo seletivo. Eu tenho conhecimento de que hoje em dia você também pode participar do processo seletivo no Brasil, por causa da cooperação com a rede FINNIPS!”

Yuqing, China

Business Information Technology, Oulu University of Applied Sciences

“Business information technology is oriented for people who want to study international business and technology at the same time. This degree pays the same attention to practical exercises and theoretical knowledge. It is good preparation before career life starts. Study structure of our school is very flexible. It divides one semester into four periods and there are many different optional courses available in each period. If you want, you can even take optional courses in other departments.  You can feely structure your study programme based on your interests and time.”

 " 如果你很难在国际商务和信息技术两个专业之间取舍的话,商务信息技术无疑是个上佳选择。在我们学校,这个专业的教学兼顾了实践和理论双方面,为职业生涯的开始做好铺垫。我们专业的课程设置也很灵活:每一学期被分为四个阶段,每个阶段都有各种不同课程可以选择;如果愿意,你还能选择其它专业的课程。你可以从自己的兴趣和时间出发,自由安排自己的学习进度和课程结构。"


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#FINNIPSfeaturing #LABfinland LAB University of Applied Sciences facts: ☑️ campuses in Lahti and in Lappeenranta ☑️ 8500 students – the sixth largest UAS in Finland ☑️ 850 international degree students ☑️ 5 fields of education Get to know our campuses: Lahti: Lappeenranta:
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Come visit and talk to TAMK's student ambassadors at Finland's biggest study and career event, Studia on 3-4.12 on Helsinki! #tamk4sbs #tamk_uas #tampereuniversities #finlanduniversity #finnips #studyintampere #Repost tamk_uas • • • • • • Olemme tampereuni kanssa mukana Studia-messuilla Helsingissä 3.–4.12. Tapaa opiskelijalähettiläämme ja kysele opiskelijaelämästä! Jaossa hyvien neuvojen lisäksi muun muassa vegaanisia nallekarkkeja. // Studia 2019, Finland's largest youth study and career event is organised on 3–4 December in Messukeskus Helsinki. Come and learn more about studying in Tampere from our lovely Student Ambassadors! . . . #tamk #tampereuni #studia #opiskelu #tulevaisuus #opiskelijalähettiläät #studentambassadors #humanpotentialunlimited
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I started the IBM program in September and while trying to keep balance between work, studies and family can sometimes be challenging, it has all been worth the effort so far. Currently, I have experienced that the program is a good mix of theory and practice, allowing the students to utilise their past experiences and to apply the new learnings directly in our day to day jobs. Our team consists of a group of international and diverse people, so it has been extremely interesting to share experiences and learn through them. The way the program is set up, we do have contact lesson every second week which has made us quite a tight knit group. In-between the contact lessons, we work on joint projects utilising digital platforms for video conferencing and document sharing. I would recommend the program to all business professionals who would like to update, upgrade or build their know-how through theory and practical examples. For more info on TAMK's Master's in International Business Management degree, please visit: tuni/fi/en/study-with-us/ #tamk4sbs #tamk_uas #tamk #tampereuniversityofappliedsciences #tampereuniversities #finnips #finlanduniversity #finnishuniversities #studyintampere #studyinfinland #studyineurope #mastersdegree #internationalbusinessmanagement
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#FINNIPSfeaturing #LABfinland Saimaa and Lahti Universities of Applied Sciences will merge at the turn of the year, establishing a completely new institution: the @LAB University of Applied Sciences. At LAB, we aim to reinvent education, the world of work, and approaches to work – make studies and work more worthwhile and meaningful. Get to know us:
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Tom is currently in his third year within the International Business programme. He started his practical training with the Global Education Department at TAMK in May. He is extremely happy that he was able to join such an amazing team of professionals. The main task of the department is globally exporting Finnish education from TAMK. His duties included hosting groups, planning activities, teaching specific subjects, researching, being an ambassador of TAMK and working with the team in a variety of other ways. During his practical training, he has rediscovered his joy of teaching and educating others as well as himself. He has worked closely with Mediapolis and Proakatemia as well as people from the TAMK main campus. His coursework in conjunction with his past experience teaching has been valuable. He stayed in Tampere for his practical training as he thought it was the best choice for him. Beginning in January, he will take the marketing module while also continuing to work for Global. In addition, he has begun working on his thesis. His goal is to finish in May 2020 and then continue working for the Global Education Department at TAMK. #tamk4sbs #tamk_uas #tamk #tampereuniversities #finnips #studyintampere #studyinfinland #studyineurope #finlanduniversity #studentstories
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#FINNIPSfeaturing #LABfinland Studies and pracatical work side by side. At the LAB University of Applied Sciences, we offer Bachelor's programmes in English in foud fields: ☑️Business Administration Lahti and Lappeenranta campuses ☑️Technology Lappeenranta campus ☑️Health Care and Social Services Lahti and Lappeenranta campuses ☑️ Tourism and Hospitality Management Lappeenranta campus Read more and apply in January 2020 👉
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In Vaasa, Novia offer one Bachelor Degree Programme, in Nursing, and three Master Degree Programmes! The Master Degree Programmes are in Business Administration (brand new 2020!) and in Technology. Read more about them here! #Finnipsfeaturing #noviauas #finnips
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Mari Helenius started working as a lecturer in TAMK 10 months ago. After being an Entrepreneur for about 20 years in the family business, she wanted to experience something new. Currently she teaches and coaches topics on entrepreneurship, marketing and professional selling. She enjoys teaching a group of international students in a multi-cultural environment. She loves it when she gets a lightbulb ‘aaahh’ moment from her students in the class or during team discussions. She also enjoys the International Business staff team who are friendly and made her feel welcome, she feels the team is 1 big happy family! 😊 She loves it when students come to school motivated to learn and develop their skills for their future. She wants her students to think in their own way and develop their own opinion and ideas while she teaches them the methods and tools. When students apply the knowledge gained and connect the dots using the information and knowledge she provided, she feels happy, satisfied and in return, she feels she is also growing along with them. She is motivated by her students’ motivation to learn and develop themselves for their future. She said she is proud when students have learned something, not just from her courses, but also from other courses, put them together and develop something for themselves. It would also be great if they are then brave enough to use the knowledge and experience gained, to go out and have the courage to try and apply it in the real world and then continuously learn and adjust their ideas, methods and opinions as they go through real-life experience. #tamk4sbs #tamk_uas #tamk #tampereuniversities #teachersstories #finnips #studyintampere #studyinfinland #studyineurope #internationalbusinessdegree