FINNIPS - Finnish Network for International Programmes: Get an English-taught Higher Education Degree in Finland!

What is FINNIPS?

FINNIPS = your way to get a higher education degree in Finland!

FINNIPS is your way to study in English in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences and to obtain an internationally-recognised and professionally-oriented higher education degree. See the great variety of degree programmes offered by the network in eight fields of study!

The Finnish Network for International Programmes (FINNIPS) is a cooperation network formed by 13 Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS). These Universities of Applied Sciences offer over 30 degree programmes that are fully conducted in English. The majority of the UASs' degree programmes are at Bachelor's level but in there are also Master's programmes that arrange their entrance exams outside Finland through the FINNIPS network.

The main function of the FINNIPS network is to arrange entrance examinations for the UASs’ English-taught degree programmes in countries outside Finland. In addition, FINNIPS participates in study fairs and exhibitions to promote the various study options of the network's UASs and to spread information about studying in Finland!

Admission Services will help you

Each UAS has its own Admission Services. For any questions about the degree programmes, admission process and entrance examinations, please contact the Admission Services of the UAS of your choice. See the Admission Services' contact information and get your questions answered!

Finnips Publications

Finnips has published four books concerning international education. You can download and read FINNIPS network's publications for free.

Attracting Global Talents
6 May 2019

Attracting Global Talents

The fourth publication of the Finnish Network for International Programmes (FINNIPS) is a celebration of the ten years of cooperation conducted within the network. By 2019, the FINNIPS cooperation efforts have created a significant channel for foreign degree students to come to Finland.

14 Sep 2017

Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences on the Verge of a New Era

The third publication of the Finnish Network for International Programmes (FINNIPS) deals with topics related to the international education marketing and student recruitment as well as provides accounts on Finnish higher education institutions’ experiences regarding the introduction of tuition fees.

23 Sep 2015

Exploring the Impact and Full Potential of International Education

The FINNIPS-network’s second publication is a cross-section of the various themes and on-going discussions that shape and affect the role and functions of international degree programmes in Finnish UASs.This publication seeks to address the most topical questions and map the current challenges related to international UAS education and, at the same time, offer tools and accounts of best practices with regard to the further development of it.

13 Nov 2013

Finnips - Joint Efforts for Internationalisation

This publication illuminates the reasons for arranging entrance examinations abroad in pursuance of describing the development and activities of the FINNIPS network...

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Hello! Here is important information for those of you who have already been accepted to a Finnish UAS or planning to come to Finland for studies. See the recording from the Finnish Immigration Service's webinar held on 22 May. The video will provide you with all the needed information for applying for student's residence permit. Make sure to start the process as soon as possible to be able to come to Finland in time for your studies! #finnips #fabulousfinland #studyinfinland
#AMK-ihmiset huomio! #JAMK:ssa järjestetään lokakuussa #FINNIPS-verkoston vuosittainen Vieraskielisen koulutuksen kehittämispäivät -seminaari. Vieraskielisen koulutuksen parissa korkeakoulussa työskentelevä, tule mukaan: #ylpeästiAMK
Facebook post by Finnips
In case you didn't know, ice hockey is the number one sport in Finland...and now get to celebrate the World Championship victory 🇫🇮🏆🏒🤩 #fabulousfinland #finnips
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😍 Are you excited to see how the tram in Tampere will look like? 🤗 Now, you can have first-hand experience with tram model, called “maketti” in Tampere Rollikkahalli, in Pyynikki, starting from 8.5.2019 on each week’s Wednesdays and Thursdays at 13-19. The exhibition showcases an actual size tram which you can enter to see the design, features and even try the seats. More info in the link below: 📷 Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere • • • • • • #tamk #tamk_uas #tamk4sbs #studyinfinland #studyabroad #studyineurope #internationalbusiness #internationalbusinessmanagement #educationalleadership #finnips #bachelorsdegree #mastersdegree #tampere #finland #students #studentlife #tramintampere #tramsystem #curious #excited visittampereofficial
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😯 To international degree students, have you registered attendance for academic year 2019-2020? 🤨 If not, it is advisable to do it as soon as possible. The deadline is on May 31st, 2019. 🤔 HOW? Go to PAKKI (Studies > Registration for attendance). ❗All students must register themselves as Present or Absent. Please note, that if your study right ends on 31 July 2019, you cannot enroll for the autumn term 2019. In order to do that, you need to apply for study extension first. When the extension is granted, your attendance will be registered automatically. ❗If you have not completed your registration in time, you will lose your study right from 31 July 2019. The study right can be restored via an application. Application processing cost is 50 euros. • • • • • • #tamk #tamk_uas #tamk4sbs #studyinfinland #studyabroad #studyineurope #internationalbusiness #internationalbusinessmanagement #educationalleadership #finnips #bachelorsdegree #mastersdegree #tampere #finland #students #studentlife #registration #attendance #registration #pakki
FINNIPS-verkoston uusin julkaisu luettavissa verkossa #FINNIPS #EntranceExaminationsAbroad #InternationalDegreeProgrammes #koulutus @SeAMK @JAMK_fi @oamk_ouas
Ammattikorkeakoulujen vieraskielisten koulutusten markkinoinnin FINNIPS-verkosto juhlii 10-vuotista taivaltaan! 🥳👏🎂😁🎉 #FINNIPS #ammattikorkeakoulut #kansainvälisyys #opiskelijavaihto #juhlat #10vuotta #koulutus #osaaminen #opiskelu #YlpeästiAMK